SH-500-50 current shunt for TM-2030


500 ampere peak, 410 A continuous load current shunt with a 50 mV voltage drop at rated current. This is the most commonly used shunt for RVs that use the TM-2030 for power use monitoring.

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The SH-500-50 is a current shunt that is required by the the TM-2030 battery monitor by Bogart Engineering to measure electricity usage. A shunt is the component that measures how much current flows into or out of the battery bank. The SH-500-50 shunt is recommended for most medium size RVs with a 160-300 Ah battery banks and loads not exceeding 400 A. In most typical RVs the greatest loads develop when a microwave is used. Since most RV microwaves will pull approximately 100-120 A of 12 volts, the 500 ampere shunt is the appropriate size. If you never use a microwave or any other high power device, a 100 or a 200 ampere shunt may be sufficient. Depending on the shunt specification it may also provide a higher resolution picture of power draw in your RV.


Bogart Engineering

For over 25 years, Bogart Engineering has been making battery monitors that give you insight into your battery storage systems. If you depend on batteries for power in your off-grid cabin, RVs, campers or boats, Bogart monitors show how full your batteries are, if charging sources are still charging like they used to, how fast your loads are drawing power, and to check whether your batteries are still storing energy as they should.

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