TS-2 Temperature sensor for SC-2030


TS-2 temperature sensor enables the Bogart Engineering SC-2030 solar charger to increase or decrease the charging voltage of the batteries when the battery temperature decreases or increases. This prevents the boiling of the batteries when the batteries are hot and provides optimally increased charge when the batteries are cold.

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The TS-2 temperature sensor is an add-on component for the SC-2030 solar battery charger, by Bogart Engineering. The sensor is needed in most installations because the batteries are usually located away from the SC-2030. Consequently, they are likely at a different temperature than the SC-2030 itself. The TS-2 temperature sensor allows the SC-2030 to correct the charging voltage by the specified temperature coefficient. The SC-2030 has the coefficients for the lead acid batteries programmed in, and they can be adjusted according to the battery manufacturer specifications.

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