Welcome to RV Solar That Works! In the Posts, we will bring up and discuss RV solar questions that are of interest to us and, we hope, to our customers. We research RV solar installation topics online and in real life, and will share our observations, experiences, analyses and solid facts with our readers.

We are RVers who do not often go to campgrounds. In fact, a campground if the last resort for us: in the 11 years of RVing we stayed at campgrounds 6 times, for two days at a time. All the other times we stayed at beautiful spots, most of the time with nobody else nearby, and could enjoy the peace and quiet as much as we wanted except… when we needed to recharge the batteries or have 120VAC for a small appliance. So, in 2015 we decided that we were tired of running the generator every time we wanted to use a hair drier in the morning, or when the furnace ran a lot overnight. By that time the prices for solar system components had become a lot lower than they used to be in 2006, so a solar system went onto our 29-foot Arctic Fox.

Arctic Fox 29V with rooftop solar panels

Arctic Fox 29V with a solar system

RV Solar That Works started when other RVers began coming over to our camp after realizing that we never run our generator, and wanted to ask how well does our solar system work, and who designed and installed it. We gave out information and advice but soon realized that many RVers who would love to go off-grid just don’t have the understanding and patience that is needed to make a solar system reliable and simple. So we decided to offer to install solar systems to those whose RVs lend themselves to a simple system and who can really benefit from having one. So, we welcome you to our site and hope you will find it useful, and may decide to bring your RV to us to get a well designed solar system installed.