The RV solar system has to be reliable so that it functions well with minimal maintenance and requires little attention. Your solar system should fully recharge your batteries on any reasonably sunny day.
The simpler the system, the more reliable and user friendly it usually is. Simpler systems are typically less expensive too. The fewer components, the easier the maintenance and repair if it is ever needed.
Your system needs to be the right size for your current and anticipated needs. You should be able to use all the power you want with few limitations. Air conditioning is one limitation: it will not work with solar power.

Charge profile you really want

As we saw in the post about converter amperage ratings that mean little, the unfortunate truth about converters that come preinstalled in RVs is that they are not designed to recharge RV batteries quickly or efficiently. They are in effect overpriced trickle chargers, and take many days on grid power to fully charge RV batteries. We are making an assumption…

Converter ratings mean little

Soon after installing the solar system on our RV we have realized that the solar works wonderfully, but on the days when there is no sun, charging the batteries from the generator simply does not work well at all. Why would that be? We had a nice 60 amp Progressive Dynamics converter with Power Wizard, which is supposed to make…

Welcome to RV Solar That Works!

Welcome to RV Solar That Works! In the Posts, we will bring up and discuss RV solar questions that are of interest to us and, we hope, to our customers. We research RV solar installation topics online and in real life, and will share our observations, experiences, analyses and solid facts with our readers. We are RVers who do not…