A must-have for any RV used a lot for boondocking and particularly for one equipped with a solar system, the TM-2030 battery monitor by Bogart Engineering provides information on battery charge and discharge and adds advanced functionality to the SC-2030 charge controller.

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The TriMetric TM-2030 battery monitor by Bogart Engineering is the perfect tool for monitoring the RV electrical system. It is also designed to utilize its data to control the SC-2030 solar charge controller when the two units are connected. The TM-2030 uses a current reading from a current shunt that also has to be part of the system, and allows the user to control over 20 parameters of the charging system. But don’t worry about the system being too complex – the settings are organized and explained, and presets are available for commonly available batteries.

The TM-2030 enables the SC-2030 to carry out advanced battery charging using criteria that are not available in competing controllers. Specifically, the absorption charge utilizing the overcharge percentage is an excellent way to ensure that the batteries are fully charged, while accounting for the inefficiencies in the chemistry and power delivery systems. In our experience, using absorption set to 104% resulted in extending the life of a run-of-the-mill, Wal-Mart deep cycle batteries from the 6 years we were able to get in the past, to 10 years and counting.

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Bogart Engineering

For over 25 years, Bogart Engineering has been making battery monitors that give you insight into your battery storage systems. If you depend on batteries for power in your off-grid cabin, RVs, campers or boats, Bogart monitors show how full your batteries are, if charging sources are still charging like they used to, how fast your loads are drawing power, and to check whether your batteries are still storing energy as they should.


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